Healthcare services switch to digital patient records

HOSPITAL staff have finally found relief from filling out the endless piles of paperwork on patients, to be stored away in vast libraries of files.

The first major step in regional Victoria to end the constant pen pushing has been taken by South West Healthcare’s Warrnambool hospital and Western District Health Services hospital in Hamilton, which have switched over to an electronic administration system called Trak Care. 

According to South West Healthcare’s chief executive John Krygger, the ambition is to eventually have a “paperless hospital”.

“It’s a huge step forward,” he told The Standard.

“We see this system as a building block to collect all our information electronically.

“It will enable up-to-date, live information for each patient in our hospitals and saves people having to repeat the same answers at every point in the treatment.

“We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this system and 18 months of planning and training — all self-funded with no government funding.

“Storage costs for our records will be much lower.”

The next step will be to phase in a total electronic medical records system.

It has  been co-ordinated by the South West Alliance of Rural Health.

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