Cain back from bad break for Classic ride at Jetty Flat track

WARRNAMBOOL BMX Club’s Jetty Flat track holds mixed memories for Ararat rider Josh Cain.

Cain, 17, joined the Warrnambool club five years ago and is a regular visitor as it’s the closest track to his home town.

But 12 months ago he crashed his bike at the track, fracturing his right tibia.

He was stuck in a cast for eight weeks and it took 10 months to make a full recovery.

Cain will compete in the Warrnambool Classic this weekend — which doubles as the Victorian Junior Series’ fourth round — in the men’s A pro section.

It will be just his third meeting back.

“I fell off at Warrnam-bool last year in the pro tour round,” he said.

“I came off at the first straight.”

Cain said it was the biggest injury of his fledgling career.

“I was in a full leg cast for eight weeks,” he said.

“It wasn’t very good. It was fully extended.

“I did basic rehab and physio and different exercises to build my leg back up. It’s been pretty good since.”

Cain hopped on his bike again in September and made his return to racing in February.

“I am racing at the nationals this year in Shepparton,” he said.

“My aim is to go very good there.”

Warrnambool BMX Club has attracted 354 entries for its annual classic.

Riders will take part in coaching clinics today, with racing tomorrow from 11am. 

Josh Cain, 17, will contest the Warrnambool Classic this weekend.

Josh Cain, 17, will contest the Warrnambool Classic this weekend.