High-jumping wallaby’s night on the tiles at Warrnambool home

THERE’S nothing like a wallaby on your roof to remind you you’re in Australia.

Warrnambool resident Sandy Joyce awoke on the public holiday after Australia Day to an almighty racket coming from on top of her garage.

“It sounded like something was smashing in the front door — it was so loud,” Ms Joyce said.

“I thought it was a big fat possum ... then when it jumped on to the roof from the garage I saw the tail.

“It was a really bizarre thing to wake up to on the Australia Day public holiday on Monday.”

The wallaby damaged part of the garage roof and appeared to be looking for a way down, she said.

“It was clearly freaking out and I was freaking out.

“It went from our roof, down to our garage and then on to our neighbour’s driveway and hopped away up Rooneys Road.

“How it got up there I don’t know. If I didn’t get the photo, I don’t think anyone would believe me.”

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