'Ice' addict terrorised family, court told

A FRAMLINGHAM ice user has been given a chance to avoid immediate jail time and take part in a residential treatment program.

Travis Harradine, 30, of Kirrae Avenue, terrorised his family while using crystal methamphetamine and pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to 23 offences. 

Defence counsel Katerina Kappos requested her client be released from custody today after being locked up for 77 days so he could attend the drug treatment program in Melbourne.

Magistrate Peter Mellas warned Harradine if he did not do the in-house detoxification program he would be sent to jail.

Harradine’s offences included ignoring intervention orders, damaging property, making threats and assaulting members of his family.

He also pleaded guilty to entering a Fairy Street charity store in Warrnambool where police officers found Harradine’s mobile telephone after two computers, cash and vouchers were stolen.

Mr Kappos said her client had spent his daughter’s birthday and Christmas in custody. She said the death of his new-born daughter and the break-up of his relationship had caused Harradine enormous grief and he had self-medicated with drugs.

Mr Mellas said Harradine had pleaded guilty to committing a large number of offences while heavily under the influence of ice and suffering acute emotional issues.

“You behaved in a way that was completely inappropriate. People tried to help you and you hurt them badly,” the magistrate told Harradine.

Mr Mellas said the residential treatment program would give Harradine, who has limited prior convictions, a chance to make a clean break from drug use.

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