Wild west fires up at Woolsthorpe

THE days of the wild west were reprised yesterday with all the fun, but thankfully none of the carnage, of days gone by.

Members of the Warr-nambool Olympic Pistol Club donned their cowboy hats, spurs, gun holsters and scarves to take part in the club’s annual historical re-enactment day at the Woolsthorpe Pistol Range.

Club members used some impressive armoury to undertake a course to test their skills with replica Derringer pistols, Winchester repeating rifles and Colt Peacemaker revolvers among the weapons of choice.

It is the 11th time the club has held its re-enactment and it attracted 42 shooters from Victoria and South Australia.

Warrnambool Olympic Pistol Club president Geoff McLeod said all the guns used for the re-enactment  were based on those used in the American west from the period 1860-1899.

“The historical re-enactment days are held worldwide and each shooter registers an alias,” Mr McLeod said. 

Mine was Rustler and that is yours that you can use all over the world.

“One of our members has been to the USA to one of these days and they are huge over there. They can get 1000 shooters to each day.

“While it is a serious competition, it is also a lot of fun. We get dressed up in all the cowboy gear and it is very social, very family-oriented.”

The historical re-enactment event was held on  Saturday and yesterday, with the participants camping on site at the Woolsthorpe range.

Mr McLeod said safety was a key focus of the pistol club and it was particularly important given the large involvement of families involved in the club.

He said the club, which has 35 members, holds shooting competition on Saturdays.

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