Accused drug trafficker caught on camera

A WARRNAMBOOL woman who allegedly posed for a photo on a mobile phone holding $50 and $100 notes and a large bag of cannabis has been bailed.

Nicole Lockwood, 40, previously of Elliott Street, appeared in Warrnambool Magistrates Court.

She is facing numerous charges including trafficking and possessing crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy.

At one search police allegedly found a photo on a mobile phone of Ms Lockwood and another person with a large bag of cannabis, holding $50 and $100 notes and smiling for the camera.

During her bail application the court heard that on Thursday, August 8 at 5.30pm Ms Lockwood was allegedly smoking ice and cannabis.

At 11.22pm she was pulled over by police in Warrnambool, driving with her headlights off.

She consented to a search of the vehicle and police allegedly found six small ziplock bags, a small ziplock bag with an amount of powder which police believed to be ice and another substance police believed to be liquid ice.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Kevin Mullins found other drug paraphernalia as well as a baseball bat, a half hockey stick and scissors broken in the shape of a knife.

The next day Ms Lockwood was bailed and police executed a search warrant at a Terang house.

Police allegedly found a ziplock bag with methamphetamine and one ecstasy pill in Ms Lockwood’s jeans pocket which she said was for personal use.

Leading Senior Constable Mullins said between April and May of this year Ms Lockwood recruited two people to traffic drugs and threatened the pair if they didn’t sell on her behalf.

On November 11, while Ms Lockwood was in custody, police searched a Mortlake house and found 10 deal bags, a quantity of ice and digital scales. The house was the known address of Ms Lockwood before she was taken into custody.

Ms Lockwood’s brother told the court Ms Lockwood could live with his family in Berwick and he would escort her to drug and alcohol counselling nearby.

Ms Lockwood was bailed on the conditions that she live with her brother, report three times a week to police, a surety of $5000 is provided, not contact prosecution witnesses, not associate with any co-accused and engage in treatment and rehabilitation services.

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