Truck issue rumbles on in Dennington after council refuses to impose restrictions

DENNINGTON residents are disappointed in Warrnambool City Council’s decision this week to refuse to restrict heavy trucks from using residential streets as a short cut to the industrial zone.

Some witnessed Monday night’s debate and stormed out of the council chamber in disgust.

Yesterday, Dennington Community Association president David Kelson said he couldn’t understand why the proposed heavy truck ban was not adopted considering it had been a simmering issue for so long.

Four councillors voted against a notice of motion from Cr Peter Hulin saying they wanted to wait until after the installation of traffic lights on Rooneys Road and a right-turn restriction off Raglan Parade into the Esplanade.

They said the issue had previously been debated in April when a decision was made to wait until signalisation of the main Rooneys Road route into the industrial estate.

According to Mr Kelson, if truck drivers continue to use residential streets to avoid the new traffic lights Dennington’s problem will only get worse.

It was a similar 4-3 voting result for another notice of motion put up by Cr Hulin to have a sound barrier erected at the Harrington Road water station to shield Dennington residents from the noise from trucks using the facility 24/7.

Cr Hulin said the solution to both issues was simple and the cost minimal.

“This isn’t about two or three people, it’s about the Dennington community,” he said.

“Trucks should only be using these streets if they have authorisation.”

Cr Brian Kelson said it seemed Dennington residents were being treated like second-class citizens.

“I find it terribly offensive that people have to fight for quality of life,” he said.

Cr Peter Sycopoulis said the truck issue had tested the patience of residents who just wanted to live safely and peacefully.

Mayor Michael Neoh said he was prepared to wait until the traffic lights and right-turn restriction.

He said trucks would have to use residential roads anyway to reach new residential subdivisions.

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