Get real: life's no video game, thug told

A WARRNAMBOOL magistrate has warned a man with a violent history that he is not living in a video game or the Wild West. 

Daniel Pimblett-Lawn, 21, of McGregors Road, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the magistrates court on Tuesday to intentionally causing injury.

On December 14, 2011 Pimblett-Lawn was a passenger in a vehicle which passed a man and a woman walking on the footpath near the Fletcher Jones gardens on Raglan Parade.

The car stopped and there was a brief conversation about a recent incident, when Pimblett-Lawn said “right you’re f.....”

Pimblett-Lawn then hit the man four times before the victim ran through the gardens.

When interviewed by police Pimblett-Lawn made full admissions.

Defence counsel Jonathan Makary said the victim had been to court earlier in the day to request that the matter not go any further. He said since the incident the victim, Pimblett-Lawn and the co-accused had reconciled.

He said Pimblett-Lawn was working full-time on a dairy farm and had a young child.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said Pimblett-Lawn had a shocking history of behaving in a violent manner towards others.

He said it had taken 13 months for this matter to come to court.

Mr Klestadt said there was an old saying: justice delayed was justice denied.

He said whatever the reason for the falling out Pimblett-Lawn was not entitled to use physical force, nor did he have the right to impose himself physically on others.

“You are not living in a video game or the Wild West where you can just give someone a whack,” he said.

Pimblett-Lawn was sentenced to three months’ jail, which was wholly suspended for two years.

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