Group training helps Warrnambool triathlete transform into the complete package

GROUP training has helped Warrnambool’s Lisa Logan transform from swimmer to triathlete.

For so long a strong presence in the water, Logan has become consistent in her traditional weaknesses running and cycling.

It’s a feat the 47-year-old mother of three says wouldn’t be possible had she trained solo.

The temptation to jump into the AquaZone pool — which is barely 100 metres from her home — instead of pounding the pavement or pushing pedals would always be there.

“I don’t mind it. I have different groups that I train with during the week,” she said. 

“I don’t do any training with the tri club, which is something I’m going to try and do a little bit of.

“But I have a group of runners I run with three or four times a week, I have a group of people I ride with and a group of people I swim with.

“It’s easy because you’re catching up with different groups, they’re all motivated. The riding boys, it’s great to see them a couple of times a week.”

Logan will be one of about 80 people who will line up in Warrnambool Triathlon Club’s aquathon tonight.

The aquathon, into its second year, asks competitors to complete two laps of a 500-metre swim and four-kilometre run course.

Registrations open at 5pm at the Warrnambool harbour pavilion car park, for a 6pm start.

The swim is a loop course in the harbour, while the run takes in Pickering Point, Thunder Point, Stanley Street, Viaduct Road and the foreshore promenade.

“The last 4km run will be interesting,” Logan said.

“I love getting in the swim and seeing how well I can come out of that. 

“The 4km run is where the girls usually catch me and pass me.

“It’s a matter of how quick I can get out of the water and how long it takes for them to catch me.”

The aquathon marks another milestone on a busy competitive calendar for Logan. 

She was part of a group of Warrnambool swimmers who travelled to Hawaii for a teams’ swim in September. Other competitions she has lined up in include the Anaconda Adventure Race at Lorne, the Shipwreck Coast Swim Series and the Warrnambool Triathlon Club series.

“When you’re with friends it’s much more enjoyable. At our level and our age it has to be about enjoyment, not just about trying to win,” she said.

Warrnambool triathlete Lisa Logan will be one of 80 people contesting an aquathon tonight.

Warrnambool triathlete Lisa Logan will be one of 80 people contesting an aquathon tonight.