Fears as Framlingham sign vandalism takes nasty turn

SIGNS on the edge of Framlingham Forest have been blown up using what is believed to have been a homemade explosive.

It is the third instance of vandalism directed at the signs, which read: “Private Road — Enter At Own Risk”.

Framlingham Aboriginal Trust acting chief executive Laurie Thorneloe said the signs were set up in the wake of a truck rollover on the forest road and efforts by the trust to improve the quality and safety of the road.

“We put them up to let people know that the road was a private road ... so if they have an accident they can’t get transport accident compensation,” Mr Thorneloe said.

“The signs went up to ensure the public reduces speed and enter at their own risk. It’s a safety aspect.”

He said he was unsure if the damage caused to the signs was due to a misinterpretation of the sign’s meaning, some kind of vendetta or just random vandalism.

“They went up six months ago and we’ve had three incidents,” Mr Thorneloe said. “There was one where the sign was shot at and another one where a vehicle had pushed over the sign and several others in and around the bush, both Fram Trust signs and Moyne Shire signs.

“Then there’s the latest incident last Friday where a fairly large hole has been blown through the sign.”

The trust’s operational manager Possum Clark-Ugle said it appeared a homemade pipebomb had been attached to the sign and detonated.

“We’re happy to share the road that goes through the middle of the forest but it is private property,” Mr Clark-Ugle said.

“There’s an agreement in place so the road is open ... and we allow the general public to use the road — that was a deal that was done a few years ago.

“We just want people to respect the land.”

Mr Thorneloe said police had been notified on each occasion of vandalism.

He said closing the road to the public was not on the drawing board and would only be used as a final resort.

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