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Heavy rain and damaging winds to hit parts of Tasmania, beginning July 14-15, 2024.
Taking a break from the seemingly endless weekend rain when sunshine returns over the weekend 13-14th July, 2024.
A doctor has been arrested in Sydney after an alleged sex-related assault of several women.
Australian David James Fisk, 57, his Philippine-born wife Lucita Barquin Cortez, 55, and Ms. Cortez's daughter-in-law Mary Jane, 30, were found dead in their room at The Lake Hotel in Manila. Philippines police are now hunting for a man seen here on CCTV leaving the room hours before the bodies were found.
Actor Sydney Sweeney made a surprise appearance at a Samsung AI event in Paris. Video via AAP.
'Have you seen a more successful conference,' the US President told journalists when questioned about the error.
Sam Mitchell says James Sicily is likely to return, while Jack Ginnivan is likely to miss. Video via AAP.
An Australian soldier and her husband are accused of accessing ADF material for Russia.
Fourteen religious group members believed God would heal a young girl's diabetes without insulin. Video via AAP.
US President Joe Biden accidentally introduces Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as ‘President Putin’ during a signing ceremony at the NATO summit in Washington DC.