Hamilton man, 27, refused bail after harassing ex-partner

A HAMILTON man charged with making threats to “flog” his former partner and kill her children has been remanded in custody.

The 27-year-old man appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court where he unsuccessfully applied for bail and and was remanded in custody until October 3.

He has been charged with eight offences, including making threats to kill and inflict serious injury, using a carriage service to harass and five counts of breaching court orders.

The man cannot be named as that would identify his partner, who is the protected person in a court-imposed intervention order.

Last Friday the man called his ex-partner three times in a matter of minutes, told her to listen to him or he would come around with a baseball bat and bash her.

He also threatened to kill her children.

It's alleged that on July 24 he was at the woman's home when he hit her from behind, pulled her to the ground and punched her several times to the face.

Six days later he threatened to bash her again.

When the woman returned home her back door was open, her television had been turned on and the man was identified in her neighbour's security camera footage.

The man is already on a community corrections order and was in court charged with assault last year.

He was also in court during 2013 and the following year on similar charges.

The man said he was the sole carer for his young child, would agree to any bail conditions and had not been in jail before.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said it was not appropriate to grant bail as the man had been charged with breaching an intervention order a number of times while already on a CCO.