Michael Redmond to contest causing damage to car with paint

A MAN who had a falling out with a neighbour, whose car was then twice trashed with paint, is contesting charges despite being unable to explain why he was covered in paint

Michael James Redmond, ​34, of Lynden Grove, Warrnambool, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a contest mention hearing.

He has five pages of prior court appearances, has served jailed terms in the past and despite being told he would not be imprisoned if he pleaded guilty has decided to fight charges.

A contested hearing has been scheduled for October 23.

Mr Redmond and the victim were known to each other but had a falling out.

Late last year the victim's car twice had white paint poured on its roof  while parked in Glenview Drive, damaging most of the panels.

The victim contacted police and nominated Mr Redmond as a possible suspect because of their falling out.

When police went to  Mr Redmond's home there was white paint at the front door, he had white paint on his clothes and there was white paint on his fingers.

He attempted to remove the paint from his fingers while being transported in the back of the divisional van.

There was even white paint on his mobile phone.

He denied the accusations he caused damage, saying he had been fishing at the Warrnambool breakwater.

Magistrate Ron Saines said there seemed to be a great deal of  evidence and there was a significant likelihood the police charges would be proven.

He said he would not imprison Mr Redmond if he pleaded guilty, but the accused risked a jail term if he was unsuccessful at a contested hearing.