Agents yet to reach agreement with new Camperdown saleyards management

Stock agents at the newly-leased Camperdown saleyards say they have yet to formalise contractual agreements with the site’s new management.

Camperdown agent group spokesperson Peter McConachy, from Charles Stewart and Company, said despite vigorous debate with Regional Livestock Exchange (RLX) management, they had failed to reach an agreement.

“It’s mainly the use of certain terminology”, Mr McConachy said. 

“We have resolved some issues but until a final agreement can be reached we will continue to operate on the terms that existed with the Corangamite Shire.”

Camperdown saleyards.

Camperdown saleyards.

RLX is still in talks with Ballarat agents over their concerns about “excessive” fee structures ahead of the move to the new Central Victorian Livestock Exchange (CVLX), at Miners Rest in August.

AAM Investment Group managing director Garry Edwards said a new fee structure at both CVLX , and the introduction of additional services at Camperdown were consistent across the portfolio.

RLX leased the Camperdown saleyards in May, adding it to its portfolio of facilities in eastern Australia.

RLX said it planned a range of improvements for the Camperdown yards in coming years, including adding a soft floor and improving water usage.