Kolora-Noorat assistant Maddie Hunger expresses interest to coach

 Future goals: Kolora-Noorat assistant coach Maddie Hunger has expressed her interest in one day becoming an A grade coach.
Future goals: Kolora-Noorat assistant coach Maddie Hunger has expressed her interest in one day becoming an A grade coach.

Maddie Hunger knows one thing for certain, she wants to be an A grade head coach.

The Kolora-Noorat assistant is learning her craft under the guidance of former Hampden league premiership coach Jody Roth.

Hunger said she felt her time with Roth would allow her to take the next step in due time.

“I’ve really enjoyed it so far,” she said,

“We’re in a rebuilding stage and it's been really interesting to work alongside Jody instead of playing under her as I have in the past.

“She’s coached a lot of netball and her knowledge is invaluable.

“I would like to continue developing as a coach, I still have plenty to learn though, as we always do.”

Hunger showed during Saturday’s clash against Timboon Demons she had coaching potential.

The vocal 19-year-old stepped up at the three-quarter time break and asked her coach if she could take charge.

She addressed the group and made several positional changes, resulting in the team’s best quarter.

The former Kolora-Noorat A reserve coach, who led the Power to last year’s grand final, explained her reasoning.

"I suppose I felt like I had something to contribute,” she said.

“Jody and I have a good relationship, so I knew if I was out of place she would let me know.

"It's a different perspective sometimes from the on-court vibe even though it's a lot easier to see it all from the sidelines.

"Being around the playing group that extra bit longer than Jody, I knew our players were capable of the positional changes and thought the match ups could be interesting so thought it was worth a shot.”

The bold move was praised by her coach.

"As coach I was a bit lost for words, luckily my assistant coach Maddie Hunger stepped up," she said.

"Like I said to Maddie, I admire that as an assistant coach to take that role.

"Again, I admire Maddie as a young girl and to put that to me, and I was OK to run with that.

"As coaches we are always learning, so I have obviously learnt something more about my players and what they can also offer in different positions."

The Power assistant coach also revealed something else she has a hunger for.

“I hope to return to the Hampden league soon,” she said.

“Kolora-Noorat offered me opportunities I hadn't had before, including coaching with my sister and the chance to play senior grade netball.

“So I am always happy to look at new opportunities, they seem to have worked out well for me so far.

“If a Hampden club was to invite me to tryout I’d be happy to consider it.”