Tammy Innes ​given time to do community work after more charges

A woman already on a corrections order who keeps committing driving offences has been warned to get her life in order or be jailed.

​​Tammy Louise Innes, 25, of The Esplanade,  Dennington, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court again ​this week charged with more offences.

In March she was placed in a corrections order but has only done four of the 80 hours of community work that ​she ​was ordered to​ complete.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose warned Innes was “looking fairly and squarely at imprisonment”.

She said she would give Innes every opportunity to comply with her CCO but she needed to stop offending and get her life in order. 

“The last thing l want to do is imprison a young mother,” she said.

“But you need to take responsibility, do the community work hours or the only other sentencing disposition is imprisonment.”

The magistrate adjourned the hearing of the new charge​s until October 1 to give Innes every opportunity.

“If you come back and have done most of the hours you will be eligible for another order. I want you to do the hours,”  Ms Toose told Innes.

Police pulled over Innes, who is a learner driver, on March 9​, driving north in Dennington. 

She was not accompanied by an experienced driver and had no L plates displayed.

There is a condition on her licence that she only drive a vehicle fitted with an alcohol interlock device caused by a prior drink driving offence.

There was no such device fitted to the car.

Then on the afternoon of April 27 Innes was pulled over driving without an experienced driver, no L plates and ​again ​no alcohol interlock.

She had her two young children in the car, one with only a lap seatbelt on. 

Asked why she was offending again, Innes told the police officer to “f... off”.

The magistrate said Innes was giving the same message to the court by refusing to obey the road rules and warned her cavalier attitude would only end with ​her ​in ​prison.