Darren Chatfield warned, comply with CCO or face jail

A FIREARMS offender who was placed on a corrections order has been given a last chance to comply or face serving time in jail.

Darren Chatfield, 31, of Hibiscus Avenue, Warrnambool, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court this week charged with unlicensed driving.

He was placed on the community corrections order in the koori division of court after pleading guilty to serious firearm offences in December last year.

Chatfield has indicated he will plead guilty to a new charge which has been laid by highway patrol police officers.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said a report from the Office Of Corrections staff on Chatfield's compliance with the current order was "not very encouraging". 

"Why shouldn't I jail him," she asked lawyer Damien Pitts.

Mr Pitts said the new charge was only unlicensed driving, but new evidence in the OOC report  indicated his client now had alcohol and drug issues.

Chatfield had advised previously that he had no such issues.

Mr Pitts said that since splitting from his former partner that Chatfield had been self-medicating.

The magistrate warned Chatfield that unless he engaged with his CCO that he risked being imprisoned.

"I want some involvement. He's making a mockery of the whole system," Ms Toose said.

"He's got to get on with it."

Ms Toose said Chatfield had been caught with a handgun and another firearm which had the serial number removed.

She said she didn't jail Chatfield because he had eyesight and other issues which would make serving a prison term difficult.

"If you did not comply you will be sentencing yourself to imprisonment. You are not assisting yourself," she said.

The further hearing of Chatfield's criminal matters were adjourned until November 2.