Lex Ludeman fined $2000 for harassing messages and kicking in door

A TERANG man has been convicted and fined $2000 after kicking in his lover’s door.

Lex Frederick Ludeman, 40, of Neil Avenue, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to intentionally damaging property and using a telecommunications device to harass.

The court heard that Ludeman had an affair with a woman and she only reported an incident in January this year after it happened during April 2014.

Police said that Ludeman and the woman argued on the telephone.

Ludeman drove to her home, tried to open a door, repeatedly kicked it and put his foot through the bottom of the door.

Over a three-month period Ludeman also sent the woman a series of harassing text messages.

When talked to by police, Ludeman said a phone conversation ended in argument and "I was still under her spell".

Lawyer Adam Bellman said Ludeman ran a gardening business but had now moved on with his life and was in a new relationship.

He said his client had acted foolishly by kicking the door.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said it was not the business of the court to be moral police.

She said Ludeman damaging the door would have been a terrifying incident.