Sarah Hoffman jailed for the first time despite nine pages of prior offences

A THIEF with nine pages of prior convictions, mostly for similar dishonesty offending, has been jailed for the first time.

Sarah Hoffman, 36, of Milton Street, Hamilton, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to seven charges, including weapons offences.

She was jailed for a fortnight.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said that at some time offenders had to take responsibility for their actions.

She said Hoffman had committed offences on three separate occasions and had nine pages of prior court appearances. 

Police said that at noon on February 26 officers raided Hoffman's home and found a green army duffle bag containing three bayonets and three samurai swords which had been stolen in Port Fairy.

Then at 5pm on April 23 a woman dropped off a range of stolen items at Hoffman's home, including two drones and tools valued at $800.

At 3pm on July 5 Hoffman went to a Hamilton newsagency and stole chocolate, salt and pepper shakers, a dragon statue and a book, all valued at $50.

Lawyer Jack Rabl said that Thursday night was his client's first time in custody and she successfully completed a corrections order two years ago.

"Her life has been a bit chaotic," he said, explaining that Hoffman had previously been an Oxycontin and ice addict.

Mr Rabl said his client was now only an occasional user, she worked but had not sought help for her drug issues and couldn't explain blatantly taking the items from the newsagency.