Jeffrey Anderson put on CCO

A CANNABIS user who refused driving impaired tests and drove when banned has been placed on a community corrections order.

Jeffrey James Anderson, 33, of Archibald Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to​ 13 charges, including assaulting his brother-in-law.​

He was placed on a 12-month CCO with the conditions he do 200 hours of community work and assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and programs as requested.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said ​Anderson had avoided jail by the narrowest of margins​ after explaining her initial thought was to jail ​the defendant.

She said Anderson had committed similar offences during 2008 in South Australia.

Ms Toose said that it was to Anderson's credit he had not offended in the past six months and started to address his issues.

Lawyer Jack Rabl said that during an incident last year Anderson was drug affected when he stepped on a police officer’s foot, but had not intentionally stomped on the policeman.

He said his client admitted he was under the influence of drugs when he soon after refused a driver test and there was a second refusal on October 29.

Then Anderson admitted smoking cannabis and driving an unregistered car.

The next day he pleaded guilty in Warrnambool court to driving while suspended and refusing to accompany police for a test.

Then on October 31 Anderson was picked up again driving while disqualified, as well as being pulled over on December 12 and January 15.

Anderson then ​assaulted his brother-in-law with a piece of a shoe rack on January 26​, stabbing him to the face.

Mr Rabl said the consequences of his actions was brought home to Anderson when he was remanded in custody​ for a few days​.

The lawyer said the assault happened after Anderson’s brother-in-law moved into the family home and there was a dispute over home duties. 

“He had been using more cannabis than normal at that time and acknowledges he was completely out of line,” Mr Rabl said.

“Mr Anderson clearly had an issue with alcohol in the past but I’m instructed that is no longer an issue. He’s relied on cannabis during the past two years since the break-up of his relationship.”

Mr Rabl said his client’s employment had also dried up as a truck driver since being banned from driving. 

“He has struggled in the last two years, he has not been himself and has increased his cannabis use,” he said.

But, the lawyer said Anderson had now started to engage in drug and alcohol counselling and understood that if he breached the CCO he was likely to be jailed.