Jade Dixon jailed for trafficking drugs

UPDATE, 2.30pm: A ​DRUG ​dealing woman already on a community corrections order for similar offending has been jailed for five months.

Jade Dixon, 41, of Raglan Parade, pleaded guilty  in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to 14 offences including trafficking methamphetamines, theft of a car and two counts of possessing the proceeds of crime.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said the continued offending was concerning and drugs had been a massive negative impact on Dixon's life.

"This sentence draws a line in the sand. Change can only come from you," she told Dixon.

"If you participate in drug trafficking again you will be back where you are now. I hope you rethink some of your poor choices," she said.

Dixon was fined $1500 and jailed for a total effective sentence of five months, with 51 days counted as served.

The penalty included resentencing for breaching her community corrections order, previously imposed for trafficking drugs.

Earlier: A ​DRUG ​dealing woman already on a community corrections order for similar offending will be jailed on Friday.

Jade Dixon, 41, of Raglan Parade, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court charged with 15 offences including trafficking methamphetamines.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said that in sentencing Dixon she needed to consider a number of matters, including the breach of the ​current ​CCO and the new similar offending.

She said she needed to read a raft of reports from the Office Of Corrections and would sentence Dixon on Friday morning.

“These matters requires some thought,” Ms Toose said.

Lawyer Xavier Farrelly requested that his client receive a straight jail sentence as she wanted to move to Queensland after serving her time. 

Police said Dixon failed to appear in court ​on April 19  and had breached her bail by not obey​ing​ a curfew.

​At 3.20pm on November 1 police searched Dixon and her partner Michael Healey’s home ​on Raglan Parade. 

​Officers saw Dixon outside her home but she went inside and locked the door, which had to be forced open. 

​Police found three zips lock bags containing 1.3 grams of ice as well as five bags with remnants of ice. 

There was also some loose leaf cannabis, two sets of digital scales and two tick lists, ​as well as four mobile phones, two laps, an electronic tablet and two iPads. 

Text messages were found on Dixon’s phone from the previous two days and the tick lists showed amounts owed of between $50 and $900.

Dixon was also caught unlicensed driving ​in an unregistered car in August last year.

On December 8 Dixon and her partner went to a Warrnambool motel where they asked to borrow a car.

The owner of the car went with them, but was ordered out of the vehicle ​near the central McDonald's restaurant ​and Dixon and Healey drove off.

The car was recovered a week later with major damage after colliding with a building in Warrnambool’s Rooneys Road. 

Dixon has three children who have moved interstate.

Mr Farrelly said Dixon was a go-between for her partner, she used drugs and had been despressed and despondent.

“She gets things organised,” he said, referring to drug dealing in the home. 

The lawyer said his client had also failed to grasp the opportunities provided through the CCO.

Dixon has already served 51 days in custody. 

Healey was also arrested, charged and eventually received a six-month jail sentence​ in February this year​