John Mann remanded in custody charged with offences of violence

A HAMILTON man charged with knocking out a victim's teeth, after he pinned his arms and smashed his face into a power pole, has been remanded in custody.

John Mann, 26, of Horner Street, unsuccessfully applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody until July 18.

Police alleged that at 1am on February 26 Mr Mann went to a Rippon Road property, which he was banned from attending.

After being asked to leave, he grabbed a man from behind, pulled him down and punched and kicked him to the face and ribs.

Mr Mann then dragged the man down a number of streets while the victim pleaded to be released.

He then kicked and punch the victim for between 15 and 20 minutes.

Mr Mann tried to slam the man's face into a power pole but the victim protected himself.

Mr Mann then pinned the man's  arms and slammed his face into the pole, causing the loss of several teeth.

He told the victim if he went to police he would kill him and demanded he pay him $100 and give him his two sets of car keys.

The victim suffered bruising and bleeding to his face, head and body and fled town in fear of his safety.

On March 2 at 10.30pm Mr Mann and a co-accused went to another victim's home after a disagreement via Facebook messenger.

They tried to kick in a door after being invited to come around for a fight.

The residents held the front door shut and the co-accused was armed with a hammer, which he used to damage the door.

Mr Mann is alleged to have told the residents he would be returning with a shotgun to kill the man.

Lawyer Xavier Farrelly said the charges would resolve into guilty pleas in the koori division of the Hamilton court on July 18.

He said it was unlikely his client assaulted the first victim for 20 minutes.

Mr Farrelly said Mr Mann had been unable to protect his family which led to an over reaction.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose refused bail saying both matters involved significant physical violence.

She said Mr Mann had 10 pages of prior court appearances, much of which related to violence.

"These are very very serious charges and I'm not satisfied you should be released," she said.

"It's likely a custodial sentence will be imposed. The first victim was left in such fear he left town."

Ms Toose refused bail saying Mr Mann was an unacceptable risk of  endangering the public and committing further offences.