Warrnambool Swimming Club is preparing for its winter short course event

Warrnambool Swimming Club president Kellie Windahl believes the club’s young swimmers will take the most out of this weekend’s winter short course event.

“It’s a good introduction for our younger members of the club,” Windahl said.

“For some of them it may be their first meet for the club, which is great for them and for us.”

More than 300 swimmers from 30 clubs from across Victoria and South Australia will compete in the two-day event held at AquaZone’s indoor 25-metre pool.

Windahl said WSC swimmers would form a major part of the total swimmers at the event.

“The club will be represented really heavily and the majority of our swimmers will swim,” she said.

“We are expecting to have around the 70 swimmers competing.

“This meet is also our main fundraiser for the year and we get a huge amount of support from the swimmers, but also from all the parents and volunteers that pitch in to help.”

The first of the 300 heats to be conducted over the weekend begins at 12pm on Saturday.