Ryan Eyles' youth parole breached, charges being gathered for plea hearing

​A YOUNG driver involved in a serious road accident near the Darlington bridge has had his youth parole breached and is ​now in adult jail.

Ryan Eyles, 19, of Lucas Court, Narre Warren, ​appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Monday via a video link with ​Ravenhall Prison.

His solicitor had made an application for him to go back to the Parkville Youth Justice Centre, but Mr Eyles changed his mind.

“I don’t want to go,” he said referring to Parekville.

Mr Eyles is currently facing four police briefs of evidence, including charges relating to the crash on​ the Darlington​ bridge on the night of Friday, April 6​.

Other matters were ​already ​listed in Dandenong and Ringwood courts but all charges are expected to be consolidated for a guilty plea​ to be heard in​ Warrnambool court.

Mr Eyles will speak to his lawyers in the next ​couple of days in an effort to resolve all his ​charges. 

​He was only granted parole from Parkville mid last month after being jailed for seven months.

 Police claim Mr Eyles, who is unlicensed, drove a stolen Mitsubishi sedan from Clayton towards Mortlake on April 6.

Police received a number of reports about the Mitsubishi being driven erratically along the Hamilton Highway.

Witnesses claimed the car was being driven at speeds of up to 120km/h and the driver was turning his headlights on and off.

At 9.55pm  Mr Eyles was in Darlington when he swung across the road and crashed into a bridge railing before coming to rest in the middle of the highway.

He was arrested by a police officer about 500 metres from the accident scene.

The officer said Mr Eyles was highly erratic and aggressive, an ice pipe was found on him and he appeared under the influence of drugs.

Mr Eyles was taken to the Warrnambool Base Hospital for medical assessment complaining of a hip injury.

Because he was aggressive and non-compliant, he was sedated and incubated by staff before being assessed.

He was found to have a bruised hip.