Macarthur's ​ Robert Smith jailed and placed on CCO

A MACARTHUR man with alcohol issues has been jailed for three months after threatening to blow up the Warrnambool Base Hospital. ​

​ Robert Smith, 47, of Huntly Street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to making threats to both kill and inflict serious injury and to causing damage.

​Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Smith had little recollection of the what had happened due to his level of intoxication and medication issues. 

She said the nurses involved would ​unfortunately ​have ​a very clear memory of ​what had happened as Smith had been highly abusive and threatening.

The magistrate said ​Smith​ had issued a barrage of abuse and it was a serious matter when people behaved as he did.

Smith was jailed for three months with 55 days counted as served.

He was also convicted and fined $300 and placed on a community corrections order to focus on assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and programs relating to his alcohol issues. 

He will also have to complete an offender behaviour program.

Smith was warned him he did not complete his CCO then he would be breached, have to be resentenced and faced the possibility of being further jailed. 

Warrnambool police Constable ​Rowan Baldam ​previously told the court that ​​Smith’s seven-year relationship had been deteriorating, culminating in events during late February.

​Smith’s partner said he had been drinking heavily and mixing alcohol with prescription medication.

About 9pm ​on a ​Friday ​in mid February Smith was intoxicated in the passenger seat of his partner’s car, being driven along the Hamilton-Port Fairy Road, when he punched and cracked the windscreen during a verbal argument.

He said he would harm himself before jumping out of the car, while it was a moving about walking pace, suffering minor injuries.

The incident was reported to Koroit police, officers attended at the Huntly Street address where they were abused and Smith threatened to kill them.

He was arrested and taken to the Warrnambool Base Hospital for a mental health assessment, where he was so aggressive he was restrained to a hospital bed.

Smith threatened to kill police officers, spat at hospital staff, threatened to kill and sexually assault nurses and to blow up the hospital.

Smith his limited prior court appearances​ and said he had a problem with alcohol he wanted to address.