William Janes imprisoned after pleading guilty to about 30 charges

A PORTLAND man on the run from police, who was involved in three chases and went through a vineyard in an attempt to escape, has been ​jailed for four months.

William Janes, 30, of Wattle Crescent, ​appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court​ this week to be sentenced after previously pleading guilty to more than 30 charges​.​

The court previously heard from ​Portland police Senior Constable Penny Telfer ​that Janes was arrested after being checked by a night shift divisional van crew, who found he was wanted on warrants.

​On January 15 he threatened his ex-partner that he would drive a car through her front door and take their daughter.

Overnight on January 26 a Nissan Navara was stolen from suburban Melbourne and involved in a $30 petrol drive-off before a police officer tried to intercept the vehicle near Ouyen.

Janes is alleged to have accelerated to 160km/h  and drove on the wrong side of the road for two kilometres.

Police soon after put out stop sticks on the Calder Highway near Mildura but Janes turned off down a side road and the pursuit was terminated due to poor visibility.

The Narava was seen soon after in a ditch with Janes inspecting damage but he got back in and drove off through a vineyard to avoid police.

He dumped the vehicle after driving into an irrigation channel.

A police brief of evidence relating to Janes' previous charges was found in the Navava.

Janes was also tied to a stole Nissan Pathfinder after forensic tests. 

​Magistrate Cynthia Toose said ​Janes has had a ragiing ice addiction and was completely out of control.

She said ice was a scourge of society and Janes had previously been placed on two corrections orders to help combat his drug issues.​On one order had has not even completed the induction.​Janes was jailed for four months with 67 days counted as served.

He was also fined $1000 and placed on another corrections order with condition he do 120 hours of community work.

His driver's licence was also cancelled for 12 months.

Ms Toose told Janes that change in his life could only come from him.

She said if he returned to his old lifestyle it would only be a matter of time before he was back in court and facing spending more time in prison.