Police say Hawkesdale, Garvoc, Terang and Camperdown fires all started by electrical assets

ALL four main fires in the south-west overnight Saturday were caused by electrical assets according to police.

Victoria Police arson squad investigators have been in the region to determine the cause.

A police source said the ​cause of all fires - Hawkesdale, Garvoc, Terang and Camperdown - had been found to be caused by electrical assets.

The causes of none of the fires are being viewed as suspicious.

 Police found the Hawkesdale fire started after a tree from a blue gum plantation fell onto the power lines.

The Garvoc fire was caused after a power pole snapped and fell over in high winds.

The Terang fire was caused after power lines clashed and arced leading to molten metal falling to ground which sparked the blaze.

And the Camperdown fire started after a ​t​ree limb fell across power lines and brought them to ground.

Comment is being sought from Powercor on Thursday after the company on Wednesday denied the Garvoc fire was started after a power pole snapped.

A Powercor spokeswoman said on Wednesday a power pole that snapped on Jack Kenna’s farm on Saturday at The Sisters, north-east of Garvoc, had been inspected last year.

“Our records show an inspection team checked the pole in the Garvoc area in November last year and it was deemed in good condition,” she said.

“We are working closely with Energy Safe Victoria and emergency service agencies as they conduct their investigations into what caused these fires,” she said.