​Joshua Bond released on bail charged with trafficking ice and assaulting police

A CAMPERDOWN district 18-year-old who grabbed a police officer's gun while being arrested has been released on bail.

​Joshua Bond, 18, of Camperdown-Cobden Road, Bostock Creek, successfully applied for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court.

He has been charged with trafficking and possessing ice, possessing a controlled weapon, resisting police and two counts of assaulting police.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Mr Bond had no prior court appearances but  warned him if he did not comply with his strict bail conditions he could expect to be held in custody until his charges were resolved.

Mr Bond's case was adjourned until April 9.

His bail conditions include that he not use drugs.

Police said that at 1.50am on Sunday morning security staff waved down police at the front of the Seanchai Irish Pub in Warrnambool.

Police were told that a man had been seen with a box cutter/knife in his pocket.

Mr Bond was found near the intersection of Timor and Liebig streets.

He was aggressive, resisted attempts to detain him and tried to break free.

During a struggle he grabbed a police officer's gun but was unable to remove it from the holster.

He also bit an officer's wrist.

The box cutter was found in his shorts pocket.

A search of his backpack located .7 grams of ice, 400 zip lock bags and his mobile phone contained a large number of text messages relating to trafficking drugs.

There were also pictures taken on March 9 of large amounts of drugs.

Mr Bond told police he had been rolled by someone who stole his drugs and the backpack was not his, despite his wallet being found in it.

Police opposed Mr Bond being released on bail, claiming he was a danger to the community.

Mr Bond told court he had recently quit one job to start another but that process had been interrupted while he spent a couple of days in the police cells.

He said he hadn't told his grandmother, who he lives with, that he had been in trouble with the police.