Bradley Quinn jailed for seven months

​A SANDFORD man caught with drugs, weapons and stolen goods just two days after being put on a community corrections order has been jailed for seven months.

Bradley John Quinn, 35, of Burke street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court and was also resentenced on his original charges, which included five counts of weapons offences, two charges of driving while disqualified as well as possession of drugs and breaching bail. 

He was imprisoned for seven months with 136 days counted as already served. 

Quinn is also facing other criminal charges which have been adjourned until a further hearing.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Quinn had a significant criminal history which included incarceration for an armed robbery.

She said the new charges involved Quinn being found with tools stolen from a man’s home while he was in hospital having an operation.

The magistrate said that offending was opportunistic and the stolen items were things that could be converted into cash for drugs. 

She said the offending happened only a short time after Quinn was placed on the CCO and described her sentence as drawing a line in the sand, despite him being on remand for other matters. 

Police raided Quinn’s Burke Street home at Sandford on October 24 last year.

Officers found three plastic bags of cannabis seeds, a mountain bike, a wrench and two throwing stars.

Quinn said he found the seeds in bags of cannabis he bought, he had smoked five cones two days before and used ice last on October 16.

The bike valued at $769 had been stolen from a Casterton garage and Quinn said he bought it on Facebook for $120.

He said he made the throwing stars and sharpened them. 

A solicitor said that Quinn had been attacked and burnt while in custody but was now involved in a number of courses to better himself.

His house has also been trashed and is now on the market.