Lyndoch Living hosting business conference – The Collaboration Game: Thinking Global and Growing Local

BUILDING BETTER BUSINESS: Lyndoch Living chief executive Doreen Power, Stephen Grigson and Roselie Morey at Deakin University. Picture: Morgan Hancock
BUILDING BETTER BUSINESS: Lyndoch Living chief executive Doreen Power, Stephen Grigson and Roselie Morey at Deakin University. Picture: Morgan Hancock

FORMER Terang local and celebrity demographer Bernard Salt – who gained notoriety last year for his comments about millenials, housing affordability and smashed avocado – will return to the south-west in April.

Mr Salt will be a guest speaker at Lyndoch Living’s conference – The Collaboration Game: Thinking Global and Growing Local.

Bernard Salt. Picture: Robert Peet

Bernard Salt. Picture: Robert Peet

He will be joined by health advocate Sally Cockburn, also known as Dr Feelgood, and Planet Ark’s David Rowlinson.

The conference will focus on the benefits of a strong community and industry engagement in building south-west businesses.

Lyndoch Living’s education manager Roselie Morey said this was the second conference the organsiation had hosted.

The first was held in 2016 and was health-focused. Ms Morey said this year’s conference was about collaboration with other businesses to boost regional economic growth.

Lyndoch Chief executive Doreen Power the organisation was being innovative.

“This is a platform for us to engage with a range of businesses and take on the opportunity,” she said.

“I’m hoping we can build on it and rather than having the conference every 18 months it will be every year.”

Ms Power said the topics would resonate with local businesses and industries. 

“For many local and regional businesses, understanding business growth in a fast changing ever moving world can be daunting,” she said.

“Factors such as population and social change, the effects of globalization, competition, artificial intelligence, digital technology and renewable energy, all need to be considered.

“It is vital that a strong emphasis is placed on bringing regional and remote businesses together to develop a shared vision for local and regional development. There are no single standalone issues facing regional business communities, they are all in a sense bound together by a multitude of factors.”

Community engagement co-ordinator Stephen Grigson said Lyndoch already collaborated with Midfield Meat and Waltanna Farms.

“Waltanna Farms produce flaxseed and hemp,” he said.

“We recognise it could be fantastic if they can develop it further in terms of modified food for aged-care, not just in Lyndoch, but around the world,” Mr Grigson said. 

“Aged care is something we specialise in, but it’s a small component of our business model in terms of 200 beds of residential care. In the community we have up to 600 clients and that is growing.

“In terms of this conference it grows the social capital and prosperity and not just economically, it’s also about a healthy community. The demographic we would like to see at the conference would be young people.”

Ms Power said Lyndoch was excited to be bringing enthusiastic and innovative personalities to the region.

The conference will be held at Brother Fox Cafeteria at the Deakin University Warrnambool campus from 9am-4.30pm on Tuesday, April 10.

It will be followed by a community grazing event from 4.30-6pm where participants can partake in local food while networking.

To register visit or email for further information.