Horoscopes: week beginning February 25, 2018

ARIES: Between now and April 23 you’ll gradually experience a winding down in the energy of change, which is currently transforming your whole direction and career. This change is so intense and complete that you need time for the transition: this is precisely what’s happening. You’ll be back on a roll by early October, and the transition complete by late 2019.

TAURUS: The first six months of 2018 sees the seeds of change being planted, particularly in relation to ideas, philosophies and religious beliefs. This is the start of an eighteen-month cycle that witnesses a transition of thought, influenced by other people: the venues of activity tend to be academic, legal offices, religious or foreign in nature.

GEMINI: The first six months of 2018, December 2018, January 2019 and winter/spring 2019 bring conditions that transform your money, work and health. Life will be more invigorating on one hand, but also loaded with challenges. Some of the decisions you make may not please everyone, leading to problems with some individuals.

CANCER: Cancerians will witness a gradual transformation in their partner or partnership over the next few years, with the first of such sequences taking place in the next eighteen months. Such trends are fortunate. This cycle is almost rhythmic in operation but you may not be aware it is happening, as the energies are so subtle and intense.

LEO: Between April 23 and October 1, some aspect of your work may be on hold as you deal with the cumulative effect of change during the first six months of 2018. The coming two months intensify and slow the transformative influences affecting this sector of your life, with similar episodes to be experienced mid to late next year.

VIRGO: Love and children are transforming your life in ways that you may not have believed possible during the coming eighteen months, with a special emphasis on the first six months of 2018, December 2018, January 2019 and winter/spring 2019. Although things are pretty full on now, there is an easing of this trend during April 23 and October 1.

LIBRA: Your life is being totally transformed at a fundamental level during the coming few years, with a new eighteen-month sequence beginning during the first half of 2018. For many this means a new home, or new conditions operating within the family circle. Financial factors and ethics are important and help shape events, especially prior to April 23.

SCORPIO: The way you think, act and speak is being moulded by a new cast during the coming few years, with the initial signs of strong influences operating during the first half of 2018. By late 2019, definite transformations will be evident. Between now and April 23 the intensity of change is particularly strong: watch and learn.

SAGITTARIUS: Financially, there are big changes on the road ahead, taking you many years into the future. The first such transitional period unfolds during early 2018 and mid to late 2019, at which time you’ll be assessing your weaknesses and compensating for them. Many Sagittarians will seek new forms of income, obviously implying a change of job.

CAPRICORN: The next few years totally transforms Capricorn’s life as the gritty experiences of the past few years have taught Capricorn how to get tough and get going. During the next four months, and especially in the next two, you are formulating new life plans that will ultimately elevate your position and fulfil personal ambitions. Friends play a larger role.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians will be learning the art of subtlety and become even more aware of the importance of often neglected values and aspects of life. Over the next few years, this pathway takes a sequence of eighteen-month steps, with the first of such operating during early to mid-2018. You grow in strength and enlightenment from passive approaches, such as rolling with the punches.

PISCES: You have a big future ahead of you and only need to access the right people and avail yourself of the opportunities to achieve your dreams. This is not an instantaneous event but rather unfolds over the coming few years. The first of such steps dominates the next eighteen months, with increasing intensity until April 23.

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