Chloe Harris expected to receive a lengthy jail term on Wednesday

UPDATE, Wednesday, 11am: A WARRNAMBOOL drug addict involved in a chase with the police air wing, stealing cars, burglaries and drug trafficking has been jailed for 31 months.

Chloe Harris, 20 of Wooles Avenue, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court  after being charged with 50 offences.

On Wednesday morning magistrate Ron Saines jailed Harris for 31 months. 

He said she had served 203 days in custody and would spend just under another 12 months in custody before being eligible for parole.

If released when eligible Harris would be on parole for about 12 months.

The magistrate said protection of the community was the most important factor in sentencing.

He said she had breached a community corrections order imposed in November 2016 for trafficking ice.

Harris did almost none of 200 hours community work, failed to attend sessions for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation and did not do a road safety awareness course.

Mr Saines said Harris’ response to being given an opportunity by the court had been emphatic – she had engaged in even more serious offending.

She stole a car in Geelong overnight on January 25 last year and was pursued by multiple police cars and the air wing before crashing and trying to flee, but was caught jogging along the road.

Harris was bailed, but then failed to appear at court and warrants were issued for her arrest.

While on the run she committed 11 offences during May and June in the Warrnambool region.

That offending included smashing her way into retail stores and stealing property while driving stolen hire cars.

She also drove dangerously while pursued by police and when arrested was carrying $2910 in cash.

Between June and the end of September Harris was held in custody and got drug treatment, producing clear drug screens.

But, soon after being released on bail Harris was back offending.

She trafficked ice, failed to appear in court and five times failed to obey her curfew.

Mr Saines said it was the second time Harris was to be sentenced for drug dealing, and the latest offence had been committed while she was on bail.

He said Harris’ prospects of rehabilitation were at best guarded after two years of on-going offending.

The magistrate said Harris had fallen into drug abuse and serious crime.

But he noted there could be no leniency as she had not agreed to testify against co-accused men.

Harris is expected to appeal the severity of the jail term.

Earlier: A WARRNAMBOOL drug addict involved in a chase with the police air wing, stealing cars, burglaries and drug trafficking is expected to receive a lengthy jail sentence on Wednesday.

Chloe Harris, 20 of Wooles Avenue, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a contest mention hearing late on Tuesday charged with almost 50 offences but her four cases resolved and she pleaded guilty.

One of the cases involves two men who are currently contesting charges, Steven Bausch and Harris' boyfriend James Nichols.

Last week their contested case was adjourned for four months after Mr Bausch refused to get on a prisoner transport vehicle.

Harris will not give evidence against her co-accused.

Magistrate Ron Saines said there was a wealth of information to consider including a psychological report and he adjourned Harris' sentencing until Wednesday.

He indicated a further term of imprisonment would be followed by either a community corrections order or that Harris would be subject to supervision by the parole board.

Harris has been in custody since she was arrested in early November after failing to appear in court for her contested hearing alongside Mr Bausch and Mr Nichols.

Defence counsel Michelle Downs said her client was now in drug rehabilitation and had been found eligible for a bed at Odyssey House.

She said all Harris' chaotic offending was based on her ongoing heavy drug use.

In November 2016 Harris was jailed for 43 days after trafficking ice and she was placed on a corrections order which she has now breached.

At the time she said she had hoped to make $175,000 selling ice in 12 months.

The current 50 charges include a police chase involving the air wing last year at Geelong.

She crashed after erratic driving and was caught by police jogging along a footpath.

In June she admitted being involved in driving a stolen hired Holden Caprice valued at $70,000 which was dumped at Framlingham.

In May that car, and another almost identical vehicle, were allegedly involved in break-ins at a Cobden pharmacy, which netted goods valued at $500, and a Terang food outlet, which resulted in cigarettes and cash worth $300 being stolen.

Harris also stole a handbag at the City Memorial Bowls Club containing cash, a mobile phone and keys valued at $700.

When arrested she was once found with almost $3000 cash and at another time $2200.

Other offending related to stealing a Mazda 3 valued at $18,000 in Geelong, paying $350 for a Camperdown motel room with a stolen bank card, police chases in Warrnambool and five counts of breaching bail.

She failed to attend Warrnambool court in early November for the contested hearing and was arrested on November 9 in Geelong asleep on a couch.

The $2200 was found tucked into the couch.

He mobile phone was found to contain messages relating to drug dealing.

She has 10 pages of prior court appearances.

Her solicitor said Harris now realised she had to face her drug issues and "the penny had finally dropped".

Ms Downs said her client knew continued drug use would just lead to more offending.

She said Harris had an incentive to change her behaviour, had accepted responsibility for her actions and was a good prospect for rehabilitation.