Gerard Harrington still has to report to police on Mondays and Fridays while on bail

​AN interstate worker caught in a tangled web of criminal justice matters after being caught speeding near Cobden has had an application to change his bail conditions refused.

Gerard Harrington, 59, of Warrnambool, Kilsyth and Queensland, unsuccessfully applied to vary his bail so he didn't have to report to Croydon police on Mondays and Fridays and he could therefore work interstate.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose refused the application saying she had no confidence that if the bail conditions were changed that Mr Harrington would attend court.

Mr Harrington claims he works all over Australia, employs people and his current bail conditions are restricting his ability to work.

A police officer told the court that in January last year Mr Harrington was caught speeding at Stonyford.

Mr Harrington was also driving while disqualified after losing his licence for drink driving.

He gave his address as Nicholson Street in Warrnambool but there is only a mail box on that vacant block.

He was summoned to appear at Warrnambool court on July 3 last year but failed to show up and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Mr Harrington was then caught driving erratically on the Princes Highway at Werribee and was to attend court on November 13.

Mr Harrington said in an email to police: "I will be at court without fail. I am a man of God.”

He failed to appear and another warrant was issued for his arrest.

On December 11 he was then intercepted by a police officer on the Hamilton Highway near Darlington and produced a Queensland driver's licence.

The police officer said Mr Harrington had been living in Victoria for the past 18 months, was required to change his licence within three months - and was therefore unlicensed.

The police officer said Mr Harrington was extremely uncooperative, constantly lying and telling half-truths.

He also has matters in the Melbourne County Court which are yet to be resolved.