The Midfield Group proposing to build an in-line protein recovery processing facility

The Midfield Group has revealed plans for a new animal protein plant, which could mean the decommissioning of the company’s current rendering plant at Levy’s Point Coastal Reserve. 

Projects manager Kevin Banner said Midfield was proposing to build an in-line protein recovery processing facility at its McMeekin Road/Scott Street site.

He said the facility would convert leftover raw materials in an integrated, fully closed system. It would potentially be a relief for residents who live near the rendering plant, who have previously complained to The Standard about odours.

“There is nothing exposed in the building,” Mr Banner said.

“The point of source capture effectively captures all vapours. It is all sealed within the equipment. The building itself is a back-up to that.” 

Mr Banner said if the proposed plant was approved it offered a “huge opportunity” to decommission the Levy’s Point rendering plant as there would be no need for it.

He said it would also facilitate waste water recycling and estimated the proposed plant would offset 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

Midfield has not yet submitted an application for the proposal to the EPA or the Warrnambool City Council, but is expected to do so within the coming weeks. 

A community drop in session on Wednesday detailed the plan, which Midfield describes as a “once only opportunity to achieve significant benefits for the community and secure new technology processing in Warrnambool”.