Melburnians share country's longest life expectancy

Babies born in Melbourne today have the longest life expectancies in the country, new data has shown.

The world's most liveable city is now one of Australia's longest-living, with the federal government's National Cities Performance Framework showing people born in Melbourne and Sydney have a life expectancy of 83.7 years.

This is almost three full years longer than the lowest of 80.8 in Albury-Wodonga.

Assistant minister for cities Angus Taylor launched the new data resource on Friday.

It compares Australia's 21 largest cities, plus Western Sydney, on indicators covering jobs and skills, housing, infrastructure, liveability, innovation and planning.

It is designed to help governments, industry and communities to make better decisions and will be updated each year.

While new Melburnians are enjoying their longevity they'll also live a life of relatively stable wellbeing.

The numbers show Melbourne has a low proportion of obese adults at 24.9 per cent and the third-lowest rate of suicide.

The city continued its impressive run with only 10.2 per cent of residents affected by rental stress, which is when rent is more than 30 per cent of a person's income.

The report states the business entry rate of 15.8 per cent shows the city's high level of dynamism, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Victorian capital also scored well on access to public transport and green space despite being the nation's second densest city.

While Melbourne has the fourth-highest percentage of homes feeling mortgage stress and only the seventh-highest median annual household income of $80,000, its real weakness is the notoriously bad traffic.

Only 60.2 per cent of residents can drive to work inside half an hour, making the situation only a fraction better than Sydney's lowest score of 58 per cent.

A car journey taken during the morning or afternoon peak in Melbourne takes 57 per cent longer than at other times.

Mr Taylor said shorter commute times mean less time wasted, and more time for people to work, study and enjoy leisure activities, so "we need to move people around quickly and easily".

Safety was also of concern for Melburnians with only 52.1 per cent of adults saying they feel safe after dark in their local area.

with Nicole Hasham

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