Accused 27-year-old man in custody to appear in court charged with making threats

A WARRNAMBOOL 27-year-old man who shaped up to his mother and threatened to burn down the family home has been remanded in custody.

Sergeant Chris Brown, of Warrnambool police, said the incident unfolded on Wednesday afternoon and resulted in the man being arrested, interviewed, charged and held in custody to appear in court on Thursday.

It's understood the man's parents accused him of being on drugs.

He shaped up to the mother, threw a remote control at a wall and was told to leave.

The man left but grabbed two fuel cans and threatened to burn down the home.

Police were called and the man has been charged with making threats and associated offences.

On Wednesday an 18-year-old Warrnambool man appeared in court for a bail/remand hearing on similar charges.

Warrnambool police Sergeant Callum McKinnon said the man was charged with threats to inflict serious injury, to kill and damage property as well as failing to appear in court and possessing cannabis.

The accused was originally charged with possessing cannabis on September 28, released on bailed, but then failed to appear in court and a warrant was issued.

He was then charged on November 8 with making a series of threats before being arrested, interviewed and remanded in custody to appear in court.

The threats are alleged to have been made to the man's mother.

It's understood he was released on bail with strict conditions.