Warrnambool couple excited to get married after Australia votes yes

Danny Pearson and Josh O'Dowd.
Danny Pearson and Josh O'Dowd.

Warrnambool’s Danny Pearson and Josh O’Dowd can’t wait to get married.

The couple were delighted after Australia voted in support of same-sex marriage.

Mr O’Dowd said he always had the personal support of family and friends.

“I was preparing myself more for a no vote, just in case it did come through,” he said.

“At the end of the day I was surprised during the actual survey process how much it did affect me and my mental health, as well as a lot of friends.

“Now that it’s a yes hopefully the politicians do the right thing and listen to the people. it was an astounding yes all over the country.

“Every single state said yes. I think it’s fantastic.”

Mr O’Dowd, the owner of the Seanchai Irish Pub, is completing renovations at the establishment.

“To walk upstairs after the vote results and get a high five from all my straight tradie friends was fantastic,” he said.

“It just goes to show the way Australia is progressing and moving on. The new generation of politicians coming through I think are going to be much better than the current ones.”

Mr Pearson said it was great to be recognised as equal. 

“It’s exciting that when we do actually have our ceremony that it will be a recognised ceremony and we will get the marriage certificate to go with it, like everyone else,” he said.