Zac Thorp-Millard fighting drugs charges

A MOUNT Gambier man who claims substances, which have spot tested positive to ice are in fact not meth amphetamine, has had his charges adjourned so forensic tests can be done.

​Zac James Thorp-Millard, 23, of Pressy Street, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court for a contest mention hearing on Monday.

He was remanded in custody until a special mention on March 20 next year with a contest scheduled for the following month.

He faces three police briefs of evidence and denies drug charges.

Mr Thorp-Millard​ claims material found in a 600ml bottle is straight GHB and not a mix with ice, even though a spot test indicated meth amphetamine.

He also refutes other charges saying another substance is a cutting agent and not ice, even though it also spot tested positive to ice.

He was also found with scales and $4000 cash, but claims the cash was savings. 

Magistrate Peter Mellas said testing of the subatances would be crucial to the outcome of the case.

He said there was a need to know what the substances were, their weight and purity.

Mr Thorp-Millard​ was remanded in custody while the testing was completed - expected to take about four months.​