Hoon driver to face charges over 30-metre burnout

Tower Hill State Game Reserve.
Tower Hill State Game Reserve.

 A hoon driver caught doing a 30-metre burnout up a steep road at Tower Hill on Saturday will be charged.

Leading Senior Constable Andy Gottliebsen, of Koroit police, said a Warrnambool man was observed by a member of the public driving recklessly near the exit of the tourist attraction about 5.30pm.

He said there was a passenger in the car and the burnout left a 30-metre skid mark on the road up a steep hill.

The driver has been interviewed and will be charged on summons on hoon driving offences.

“He was aged in his mid-30s. It’s time to grow up,” Leading Senior Constable Gottliebsen said.

“Obviously with tourists in the area and a lot of wildlife around, it’s dangerous. Plus it’s illegal.”

He warned other drivers that hoon behaviour would not be tolerated.

“Drivers need to drive slowly through Tower Hill and appreciate the wildlife,” he said.