Stunning pictures of wild horses in the snow and frost at Kosciuszko

Michelle Brown and her partner Ian travel to some of the most remote parts of Kosciuszko National Park to capture brumbies in their wild habitat.

Michelle, a photographer, keenly supports the bid to heirtage list the brumbies – a move that still waits in abeyance before NSW Parliament.

She says the brumbies are a vital link to our history and opposes a cull in the park. National Parks claims there are up to 6000 wild horses in the park, but brumby protection groups say the real figure is a lot lower, probably about 700.

“The majority of my photographs are taken between the Kiandra and Long Plain areas of KNP,” Michelle said. 

“We hike into the bush anywhere from 0-20 kms at times to find the brumbies. 

“Kiandra, Gooandra, Bullocks Hill,Yarrangobilly and Long Plain are the main areas during winter and where most of these pictures have been taken.”