Charlie McDonald loses licence for six months

​A P-PLATER who fled from police because he had an overloaded car and was almost involved in a collision has been fined $1200.

Charlie Michael McDonald​, 18, of Conns Lane, Yangery, ​ pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to failing to stop when requested by police and driving in a dangerous manner.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said McDonald had made a significant mistake.

"Too many people, going too quickly; we often see these stories on the televisions or in the newspaper ending in tragedy," she said. 

"You could easily have been on the front page of the newspaper after killing yourself or one of your best mates. These are the sort of circumstances that ruin lives."

The magistrate said McDonald had wonderful references, was a good worker and footballer, who was making a significant contribution to the community.

"There needs to be a clear message sent to the community and other young people that these cases are troubling to the court and will be dealt with appropriately," Ms Toose said.

McDonald's licence was suspended for six months and he was fined $1200.

Police said that at 4.20am on February 11 police saw a vehicle parked in a way that attracted their attention on Daltons Road, near the intersection with Chenow​e​th ​Court.

Officers activated their emergency lights and the vehicle was driven off at high speed west along Daltons Road. 

The driver was forced to go onto the wrong side of the road to avoid a collision with another vehicle and the pursuit was terminated due to the danger to other road users.

McDonald later admitted he had been driving and had too many passengers in his car.