Drink driver records .17 after crashing

A HIGH-RANGE Hamilton drink driver  has had his car impounded after crashing through a caravan park fence and trying to drive off.

Hamilton police Sergeant Mark Phillips said the man collided with a fence about 2.15am Sunday morning off High Street.

"He tried to reverse and drive off but was intercepted by officers," he said.

"He had crashed through the caravan park fence. After a positive preliminary breath test he recorded a evidentiary reading of .170 at the Hamilton police station."

Sergeant Phillips said the driver's licence was immediately suspended, his car impounded, which is likely to attract fees of about $1000, and he will be charged on summons to appear in the Hamilton Magistrates Court.

The charges will include drink driving and careless driving.

Sergeant Phillips said there was a high police presence in Hamilton at the weekend.

"It's extremely disappointing that this man still chose to drink and drive. It was brazen offending and if you drink and drive you will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law," he said.