Warrnambool's proposed new parking meters will provide for cash, credit, payWave and online payments through pay by plate process

NEW parking meters will save $40,000 in paper ticket costs, a Warrnambool City Council report shows.

The council initiated a public tender to replace its aging fleet of 300 on-street parking meters with 80 ticket machines and a fully integrated parking management system. 

Two companies were shortlisted for the tender and following negotiations, officers have awarded a preferred tender status to Cellopark Australia.

The proposed meters will provide for cash, credit, payWave and online payments through a pay by plate process. 

This will require motorists to enter their vehicle number plate details to activate a parking session.

The proposed system will not require motorists to place a ticket on their windscreen but will provide tax receipts where required.

The pay by plate technology also has a mobile app which allows parking sessions to be managed remotely. 

At its monthly meeting on Monday, the council voted to delegate its powers and function to chief executive officer Bruce Anson for the final award of the tender. 

Councillor Robert Anderson said he was “quite excited” by the new pay by plate system.

“We will have to make sure we let people know how they work before they are installed,” he said.

Councillor Sue Cassidy said the new system would “make life a lot easier”.

“It will be great for our city,” she said.

The report said the parking fund would cover the cost of a staged rollout for the new meters, estimated at up to $725,000.

The ongoing recurrent costs are estimated to be $102,000 per annum.