Jorjia Bowater fined after East Warrnambool footy club function assault

​THE girlfriend of a football club member who involved herself in an argument has been fined $500.

Jorjia-Lee Bowater, 20, of Lipook Court, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to unlawful assault. 

She was not convicted and fined $500.

Police said that on April 30 last year Bowater's boyfriend was intoxicated at an East Warrnambool club function when he got into an argument with a woman both inside and outside the club rooms. 

Bowater was not at the function but was told about the argument and then drove to the football club in a state of anger.

At 10.50pm she entered the club, approached the female victim and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her off a chair and onto the floor.

The victim's boyfriend intervened and others helped pull the victim and Bowater apart.

The victim then went to the Warrnambool police station to report the assault. 

Bowater sent the victim's boyfriend a text message saying that it she reported the assault to police, Bowater would also try and press charges against the victim's boyfriend for grabbing her during during the altercation. 

Bowater told police officers her boyfriend had been drunk and aggressive, the victim had put a hand on her shoulder and the victim also threw a punch.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said the incident clearly should not have happened and she was confident Bowater would not be back in court again.