Karl ​Kallasmae remanded in custody

A HOMELESS man who stole a taxi​ is facing a range of offences relating to other alleged criminal activity.

​​​Karl Michael​​ Kallasmae, 40, did not apply for bail in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Monday​ and was remanded in custody until July 31. He is facing charges including theft of a car, theft from a shop, theft from a vehicle, reckless conduct endangering life and evading police.​ Police allege that ​Mr Kallasmae​ went to a Woolworths supermarket on March 2 at Newcomb and stole shaving items and associated goods valued at $300.

He then went to the Myers store in Bendigo last Thursday and stole perfume and other items valued at $500.

He also had in his possession 14 articles of baby clothing which had been stolen from a Target store valued at about $150.

In the early hours of Saturday morning Mr Kallasmae​ stole a taxi from a private driveway in Apollo Bay valued at about $10,000.

The taxi also contained $65 cash and Mr Kallasmae​ is also charged with stealing a $500 camera from a car parked near the taxi.

Police allege Mr Kallasmae​ was driving near Portland at 10.15am Saturday when a witness reported to police seeing him drive at about 200 km/h.

The witness alleged Mr Kallasmae​ was driving wildly and narrowly avoided a head-on collision after overtaking ​​a vehicle ​around a bend​.

​Police officers located Mr Kallasmae​ on the Princes Highway near Codrington and did a U-turn.​

​Mr Kallasmae​ also did a U-turn and gestured rudely to officers before accelerating away.

​At 10.45am Saturday Mr Kallasmae​ was seen near the Port Fairy cemetery when he crossed double white lines and overtook three cars.

Just after 1pm the taxi was seen near Hexham in the Mortlake district and drove off at an estimated speed of 140km/h.

Just after 2pm police officers located the stolen taxi and Mr Kallasmae​ on the Chatsworth-Hexham Road and he was arrested.

Mr Kallasmae​ did not apply for bail in court.​

​Magistrate Cynthia Toose requested Mr Kallasmae be urgently medically assessed and among custody management issues noted that the accused man was considering self harm.