Brett Atkins banned from driving for two years

A DRINK driver who crashed into an NBN metal box when he lost control has been fined $2000.

Brett Atkins, 31, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to drink driving and five associated driving offences.

Police said that at 6.50pm on January 8 Atkins crashed in Warrnambool's Granter Street after losing control of his car and collided with an NBN metal cabinet causing cables to be disconnected and extensive damage to his car.

He left the accident scene driving east and went to Flaxman Street. 

A passenger collected his bumper bar which had fallen off the car in the collision.

Atkins started having a seizure and was taken to Warrnambool Base Hospital for treatment where a blood sample returned a reading of .126.

When interviewed, Atkins admitted he had done his fair share of drinking before driving and having the accident.

He said he had six or seven cans of high alcohol drinks.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said it was very concerning driving and clearly things went wrong.

"It could have been catastrophic," she said.

Atkins was convicted and fined $2000 and his driver's licence was disqualified for two years.