Wendy Coyle banned from driving and fined $1500 without a conviction

​A WOMAN who tried to overtake a school bus three times on double white lines, narrowly avoiding a collision with trucks, has been banned from driving for three months and fined $1500.

Wendy Janet Coyle​, 48, of ​Boyles Road, Mepunga West, pleaded guilty to charges ​i​n the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to careless driving and associated charges.

Police said that about 8.30am on November 7 last year a Ford Ranger ute was heading east on the Timboon-Nullawarre Road towards Timboon when the driver noticed a small grey hatch approaching ​him ​from behind, driv​en by Coyle.

The Ford driver felt the hatch was so close to him that it was unsafe before ​Coyle pulled out across double white lines and overtook him on a ​bend and up an incline.

Coyle then took up a position directly behind a school bus and attempted to overtake it three times ​over double white lines. 

The first time Coyle pulled into the path of a milk tanker and the second time was around a blind turn when she pulled into the path of a gravel truck.

The Ford driver was so concerned he said he pulled back because he thought the grey hatch would be involved in a tragic accident. 

About 500 metres west of Timboon Coyle attempt​e​d to pass the bus a third time over double white lines but had to brake heavily to avoid a collision with another truck.

The Ford driver was very upset as his children usually go on that school bus.  

He regarded Coyle's driving as extremely dangerous and said she had no regard for the safety​ of others.

The bus driver said he was shocked and angry at Coyle's driving behaviour and that the bus had only narrowly avoided being involved in accident​s​. 

He described Coyle's driving as crazy and ridiculous. 

Coyle, who is a primary school business manager, said she sometimes got agitated and had two children who suffered ADHD.

She told police she did not think she had driven as described, but listening to the police summary made her feel a "bit ​d​isgusted".

Coyle said she had now changed her driving behaviour as she was scared of doing the wrong thing.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Coyle’s driving behaviour was concerning and involved acts of stupidity.

She said Coyle had put children, the bus driver and truck drivers at risk and there had to be a clear message sent to the community that such driving would not be tolerated.

"Every day we open the papers and see people who have been maimed or injured by​ drivers like you who ​behave in an inappropriate manner," she said, adding that she hoped this was the wake-up call Coyle needed.