Chickens still at large

CHICKENS continue to dominate the landscape in and around Warrnambool’s Big4 Hopkins River Holiday Park.

Almost three weeks after the chickens began to inundate the park, they remain in big numbers, both in the park and the surrounding Jubilee Park public reserve.

Management at the park said they spent the weekend fixing a northern boundary fence which was identified as a main avenue for the chickens to enter the park.

But the chickens have found a way to continue their invasion, entering the park through the front gate.

They they have accessed this via the public road leading up to the park.

This has meant the park remains home to over 300 chickens on a daily basis, an issue that is causing people staying at the park to state publicly they will not return until the chickens are gone.

Management last week said the issue had potential to “ruin the park”.

A spokesman for Warrnambool City Council said it was proceeding to enforcement action to address livestock not being contained on the neighbouring chicken farm.

“Council has the authority to take action when livestock wander on to public roads,” the spokesperson said.

“Council is aware the chickens have wandered onto Jubilee Park Road and advised the farmer he risks a fine should this occur again.

“It is not council’s responsibility to contain livestock, it is the responsibility of the farmer. In these situations, council prefers to work with the responsible individual to resolve an issue.

“But if required, will move to an enforcement stage.”

Council said it was sensitive to the concerns of park management and was undertaking all actions within its powers to address the issues.

Swampy Marsh, who shot to fame through the movie Oddball, is running 4500 chickens on the farm. He has leased the land and moved in on April 27.

Mr Marsh said he did not wish to add anything to the issue when contacted by The Standard on Tuesday.

Last week, Mr Marsh denied he had struck a deal with holiday park management where they would help fund fence repairs if he moved the chickens to the furthest point on his property away from the park.

Management provided the labour and cost to the repairs that took place on the northern boundary fence on the weekend.