Glenelg Shire wages war on ice

ICE use in Glenelg Shire is increasing and mayor Anita Rank is concerned addicts have nowhere to turn.

She said the indication from police was the number of people using the drug was increasing.

When we lost that we had to try and regroup because it’s not satisfactory for people to be told to ring a hotline or go to another region to get help.

Glenelg Shire mayor Anita Rank

This was also resulting in a spike in crime.

“Alcohol is the biggest issue in a lot of shires including ours, but the issue is ice use in increasing and the ramifications from ice are far worse than alcohol,” Councillor Rank said.

ON THE RISE: Ice use has increased in Glenelg Shire.

ON THE RISE: Ice use has increased in Glenelg Shire.

Cr Rank said the shire was taking a proactive approach – with a new local drug action team to be rolled out and a community forum.

“The Great South Coast Ice Challenge has been going for some time now and we’re going to host a community forum,” she said.

The aim of the forum is to educate people about the far-reaching affects of ice on the community, offer an opportunity for community members to talk about their concerns and let people know about the support available.

Cr Rank said this included a support group for ice users in the shire. “We’ve put the focus back on supporting people who support others,” she said. “Ice can affect anyone – no one is immune to it.”

Cr Rank encouraged residents to attend the forum.

“We encourage people to come along and learn and listen,” she said.

“There will be no judgements being made at the forum.”

The forum will be held at the Glenelg Shire Council chambers in Portland on Monday, May 15 from 6pm.

Cr Rank said she believed it was important to host the community forum.