Warrnambool's Rhys Wanganeen fined after being arrested ​on warrants

A 25-YEAR-OLD ​Warrnambool man, who is ​quickly building a record of driving offen​ding, has been fined  $1800 after spending a couple of days in custody.

R​hys Wanganeen​, 25, of Taits Road, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to two counts of driving while disqualified and failing to answer bail as well as ​changes of ​possessing ice and a knife.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said Wanganeen was building a significant criminal record and courts​ would be ​from now ​questioning if he should be jailed.

He said the defendant drove when he was not allowed, but at this stage fines were appropriate after Wanganeen was arrested on warrants​ at the weekend​.

Police said that at 9pm on May 3 Wanganeen was intercepted heading north on Taits Road.

He was found to be disqualified driver, driving an unregistered car and the vehicle was unroadworthy as wire was showing through on ​the front tyres.

The car registration had expired three days before being ​pulled over.

Police impounded the vehicle and Wanganeen told the officer he had to get around and didn't know the registration had expired.

Wanganeen then failed to appear in court a couple of times.

On May 31 he was a passenger in a car driving north on McGregors Road. He was found in possession of .2 grams of ice.

On January 5 Wanganeen was pulled over in McGregors Road driving while disqualified and he admitted knowing he shouldn't be driving.

A flick knife was also found in the vehicle. 

Wanganeen was convicted and fined $1800 and jailed for two days - time he has already served in custody.